Manufacturing is going through a sustainable digital transformation. Smart technology, data analytics and connected devices are enabling manufacturers to dramatically increase their efficiency, productivity and accuracy. Digitalisation is changing how products are designed, produced, used and maintained as well as transforming the operations, processes and energy footprint of factories and supply chains.  

Do you have these challenges? 

  • Resistance to change
  • Availability of initial investment capital
  • Lack of knowledge, skills and experience
  • Cybersecurity
  • Rigid infrastructure
  • Outdated systems
  • Privacy concerns
  • Lack of organisational change management
  • Lack of overall digitalisation strategy

Attend Sustainable Digitalisation Summit and come away with a toolkit for…

Faster problem solving ensuring less downtime and better quality 

Predictive analytics – prepare for the future; maintenance, forecasting, customer retention

Increased operational efficiency, agility and reduced downtime, cutting costs and maximising employee effectiveness.

Improved ability to predict and adjust to market circumstances avoiding wastage and dissatisfied customers

Simulations – understand the ‘What-If’ scenarios

End-to-end integration of the whole supply chain creating efficiency and agility at each stage, including suppliers


Join over 50 people in the industry – from senior digitalisation experts in leading manufacturing companies to industry experts from world-class technology companies.


Get educated on digitalisation by learning from our inspiring keynote speakers, our expert discussion room hosts, and from your peers that contribute on the day. Come back to your business with that one great idea that you can implement right away.

Stay ahead

The industry is constantly evolving. Keep up to date with the latest technology and applications transforming UK manufacturing, and learn how others are dealing with the current disruption.

Solve your challenges

Whatever your challenges are, our format lets you ask questions live, ensuring that practical issues are discussed including your own specific challenges. Ask the questions you need answering, and learn from the experience of those who have been through it.

Kickstart your digitalisation strategy

Wherever you are in the digitalisation journey, Sustainable Digitalisation Summit will give you everything you need to plan your next steps.


Past Attendees Say

  • Client Image

    A great summit. The range of speakers and topics were excellent and there was ample opportunity for Q&A. The biggest suprise for me was how well the roundtable talks worked. Brilliant! Highly reccommended.

    • EU Researcher
    • Honda Engineering Europe Ltd
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    The event overall was good, with a wide variety of speakers addressing problems that many of us have faced in our data journeys.

    • Enterprise Data Manager
    • Sellafield LTD
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    It was a pleasure to attend and participate at the event. I think the way participants interacted with their questions and during the live sessions was particularly commendable. The content, as always, was spot on.

    • AI & Machine Learning Engineer
    • GSK

Who Should Attend?

Sustainable Digitalisation Summit is for a cross-section of Manufacturing, Operations, Management, Engineering, IT, Data, Engineering, Digital and Supply Chain professionals from companies with £100m+ turnover from every sector of the manufacturing industry. Attendees come together to their share ideas and experiences in an informal and interactive format. Examples include:

  • Founder / Managing Director
  • Sustainability Lead
  • Operations Director
  • VP Supply Chain / Supply Chain General Manager
  • Global Logistics Director
  • Automation Manufacturing Manager
  • VP Manufacturing Engineering
  • Chief Engineer
  • Head of Mechanical Engineering
  • CTO / Head of IT / Technology and Technical Director
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Systems Manager
  • Manufacturing Engineering Group Leader
  • Senior Systems and Software Developer
  • Systems Integration Manager
  • Head of Product Management
  • Director Data Science and Analytics
  • Head of Digitalisation
  • Head of AI / Lead AI Architect
  • R&D Manager
  • Site Informatics Expert
  • Senior Principal Scientist

Previous attendees include