Ali Neil

Managing Director

In a time of unprecedented digital change, my team and I work for the benefit of our clients to provide them the confidence they need to grow and transform their business. We help them understand their risk, protect their critical digital assets and intelligence, monitor their environments for threat, and be prepared to respond to incidents or breaches. In addition our Customer and Employee Experience practices help redefine how our clients leverage technology to transform their employee productivity and satisfaction as well as how they enhance their client engagement and relationships.

As leader of the Cyber Security and Advanced Solutions business in Europe, Asia and Australia, I have the pleasure to learn from the clients and teams I work with and have the opportunity to build our business, relationships and to help our customers with their transformation initiatives across these markets.

I am passionate to see my clients and our teams succeed and move their business and their careers forward. I believe in creating a culture of accountability, integrity, empowerment, shared success, high performance, and focus on delivering client outcomes, we have the path and culture for success.