Data Management

Data Collection & Data Integration

  • Though it’s accepted that data is the foundation of a modern manufacturing environment, there’s a dizzying mix of tools and methods available to gather it, store it, and present it. This presents its own challenges as manufacturers often create overlapping/competing investments based on different stakeholders’ needs, and the expertise of the technical enablement teams they rely on. We hope this discussion will put a spotlight on practices that every manufacturer can use when building their strategy – from understanding the complete mix of “users” for different data, to the characteristics of data platforms and tools that can make serving that broad group easier.


IoT and Sensors

  • Connect, collect, and send data across networks where it can be analysed and acted upon.


Developing a Data Strategy

  • Gaining business buy in, top-down or bottom-up, driving a data driven company culture.


Data Governance

  • Ensuring that data is usable, accessible, and protected.

Data Insights

AI and Machine Learning

  • Applications and best practice. AI-powered systems can analyse data from hundreds of sources and offer predictions about what works and what doesn’t.


Data Collaboration

  • Bringing data together data from various internal and external sources to unlock combined data insights.


Monetising your Data

  • Increase efficiency, drive service innovations and new business models based on data.


Advanced & Predictive Analytics

  • Future outcomes for process optimization, supply chain and maintenance.

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